Mindmistress: I'd actually developed---three possible theories to produce negagravity.  Seeing one in action---all the pieces fell into place.  Vicki: Can you...ride that?  Mindmistress: After many more tests--- Scale: Mindmistress!Mindmistress: Scale?  Scale: Quick!  Your mini-mmbots helped a lot--- and I'm gathering allies for a final assualt on-- Mindimistress:  Scale!  I should still be under observation--- Scale: No. We're shielded-- for a minute --

Scale: --But you have to come with me---right now! Mindmistress : Wait!  Let me grab some additional weapontry--- Scale: No time. It's now--or never! Mindmistress (caption): So she pulled me through the interdimensional portal...Scale: Mindmistress, this is Wheels Ironkeel---a dwarf from 'Terra'...a key ally.  Wheels: We appreciated the intel reports yu gave of the Overlords' dungeons-- they've proved invaluable!   Mindmistress : Thanks!  What's the plan?

Mindmistress: Your mini-MMbots and other tiny allies rewired the Overlords' transport---we'll teleport the Overlords and their allies to a neutral plane---and confront the Editor! Mindmistress: Confront the Editor? Directly?

Included it in this strip are several guest-stars: Scale of CAMEOCOMIC, Wheels of MAGICAL MISFITS, and The Editor of EVIL OVERLORDS UNITED. In Scale and the Editor's case, click on the respective panels to go to MM's meeting with same.



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