Mindmistress: Look---sorry to be critical--you couldn't consult me---separating the Overlords from their headquarters' resources's great---but are you insane??? The Editor'll slaughter us!!  Scale: We've made...preparations.  Honest. Scale: My crea---uh, the people you almost freed---are coming with me to confront the Overlords first.  Then you others---if you're willing.  Mindimistress:  ... Yes. Of course.  Cortland: Superheroes? What next?

Mindmistress : So---we wait.  Am I the only one here---who realizes the magnitude of what we're facing?  Zortic: I keep on trying to forget---but you keep reminding me... Mindmistress: Oops.Wheels:  Mindmistress : Both on my Terra---and in Clywd-Rhan---we've faced devastating war---from the Overlords.  If they're not stopped---your reality'll be next.  Cortland: REality? Nebraska?  You've gotta be kidding... Mindmistress: Coming.

Mindmistress (Caption): Two sides preparing for battle.  Both---nightmarish.  Demons.  Aliens.  Valkyries on giant squirrels.  Editor: So very easy for us... Mindmistress (Caption): As if Hieronymus Bosch painted battlefields--- Salvador Dali orchestrated the apocalypse.

Included it in this strip are several guest-stars: Scale of CAMEOCOMIC, CORTLAND, ZORTIC, Wheels of MAGICAL MISFITS, and The Editor of EVIL OVERLORDS UNITED. In the final panel is included Terra of the VOLET and others.



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