Mindmistress (Caption): Surreal.  Absurd. Terrifying.  When realities cross, the only thing you can expect is--the unpredictable.   What good is all my intellect---without any rules?  When I can't anticipate--what will happen next?Mindmistress (Caption): Nagas.  Dragons.  Masked telepathic floating ferrets. Editor: Destroy them!  Mindmistress (Caption): When realities collide---everything's equally---unreal.  I'm a sitting duck here---something literally unimaginable might attack any second.  Wait.  The platform.

Alex: Yaahh!!  Wrong reality to visit... Mindmistress : Wheels, I'm taking the high ground... Wheels: Mind the dragons--the spacecraft---winged eyeballs--- Mindmistress: That's a warning you don't hear everyday---Mindmistress:  Mmmmm...nice!  Abui: If humans were meant to fly...they'd be born with wings.  Cortland: Why can't she wear a short skirt like other superheroines?  Zortic: You'll believe a superheroine can fly...

Valkyries: Charge!!! Deception: Disarm those squirrel-riding Valkyries---then I'll stripsearch them for hidden weapons--personally!  Soldiers/Demons: Yes, Milord Deception!  Mindmistress (Caption): A pervy dragon named...Deception?  As if Adult Swim did Revelations--or Ragnarok!

Included in this strip are several guest-stars: Scale of CAMEOCOMIC, Menjou of CANDI(No, I wasn't kidding about floating maked telepathic ferrets), The squirrel-riding Valkyries (no, I wasn't kidding about them either) are from The KAMICS, specifically this page, Wheels of MAGICAL MISFITS, Alex of XADE, ZORTIC, Abui of ROGUES OF CLYWD-RHAN, CORTLAND, and The Editor, Fellback, part of Celine of EVIL OVERLORDS UNITED. Others you might get a glimpse of...nevermind.



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