Mindmistress (Caption): Dragons.  Maleficient, the evil fairy/dragon in Disney's Sleeping Beauty terrified Lorelei when she was five...I-I better ascend--or become a whimpering fetal ball---face my fears? Sorry.

Mindmistress (Caption): Such a normal reality---to be selected for such a surreal battlefield---no fantastic floating landscapes---just green fields and rolling hills---well...there's that floating symbol in the sky....Mindmistress (Caption): What is that?  It looks...artificial.  An advertisement?  A directional beacon? A 'flag' planted by some explorer claiming this...reality?  Whatever it is---I doubt the Editor's behind it...

Alex: Yaahh!!  Wrong reality to visit... Mindmistress : Wheels, I'm taking the high ground... Wheels: Mind the dragons--the spacecraft---winged eyeballs--- Mindmistress: That's a warning you don't hear everyday---Mindmistress (Caption): Another thing that scared Lorelei as a kid---Godzilla movies. Queen Ghidorah: Hey, you!  Quit looking at me like that! Mindmistress: Eep.  Mindmistress (Caption): Now I'm facing a feminine version...not my lucky day.

Included in this strip are several guest-stars: The squirrel-riding Valkyries (no, I wasn't kidding about them) are from The KAMICS, specifically this page, Deception of EVIL OVERLORDS UNITED, and Queen Ghidorah of TWISTED KAIJU THEATER.



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