Mindmistress (Caption): This is ridiculous.  Something this big should collapse under its own weight.  How does it defy the square-cube law?  Some sort of gravity control? Queen Ghidorah: Ah. The Editor's under attack?  Mindmistress (Caption): Uh oh.Mindmistress (Caption): It's up to me.  I don't think anyone down there...can handle a creature fifty-five stories tall!  Zortic and Cortland: Boy, and I thought Ihad size issues before...you too??

Mindmistress (Caption): She's about to step on Scale's forces...she's inhuman-- I can't mesmerize her-- and I'm certainly not strong enough to stop her-- hmmm.  She's not sinking into the ground...Mindmistress (Caption): There's only one way to stop her... Queen Ghidorah: Oh, ick!  It's bad enough to have a gnat circling and circling around---but to have one plunge towards your mouth--

Queen Ghidorah: Eeeewwww!! Shoo!! If the Editor hadn't stolen my diary---threatened to show Giana-- Rodanna-- Mina-- Mindmistress (Caption): She's like a Brobdingnagian Britney Spears-- she can't keep her mouth shut-- luckily.  Luckily?

Included in this strip are several guest-stars: Queen Ghidorah of TWISTED KAIJU THEATER, ZORTIC, and CORTLAND.



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