Mindmistress (Caption): Okay...this platform originally lebitated neutronium robots---weighing trillions of tons-- evidently this...creature...has partial antigravity already-- otherwise she'd sink into the ground-- like a building-- without firm foundation--Mindmistress (Caption): So if she swallows that platform...I should be scared senseless...yet...I don't have time to be scared.  That'll be later.  Queen Ghidorah: Oh, yick! I didn't mean to swallow...

Queen Ghidorah: Ulp?  Mindmistress (Caption): After setting its timer to make the platform go to full strength two seconds after swallowing--adding its power to whatever negagravity method she's using--Mindmistress (Caption): She'll upwards...away from the battlefield...not sure if she can survive space's vacuum...but as I remember how the Overlords equippred their allies...

Mindmistress (Caption): Yep.  That flash is her returning to her home reality.  All the Editor's allies teleport after defeat.  Leaving me-- falling... my sole method of flight-- being digested-- realities away.

Included in this strip is a guest-star: Queen Ghidorah of TWISTED KAIJU THEATER.



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