Mindmistress (Caption): Falling.  I: should be screaming.  Yet oddly enough---after seeing Death's a drunk...scrambling in an apocalypic battlefield---confronting Britney Godzilla--I'm the calmest I've been all day.  Thirty two feet per second per second...Mindmistress (Caption): Of course---the same filed that deflects bullets from me--deflects any fast-moving object--like the ground--rushing at me--but since it has greater mass--I'm the one--deflected.

Mindmistress (Caption): Skipping like a stone across a lake...with each 'bounce' going slower and slower....phantasmagoric forces flash by...did I glimpse one of Lightbringer's ray-blasts just a second ago?Mindmistress (Caption): --Until I slow down enough where the field doesn't react.  Mindmistress: You brought down this giant Overlord robot? You're--? Mizzkitti: Mizzkitti... Mindmistress: OF course you are... Mizzkitti: A very confused Moggian space officer.  Mizzkitti: I sympathize.

Included in this strip is at least one guest-star: Mzzkitti of FREIGHTER TAILS, via CROSS TIME CAFE. We also may have seen LIGHTBRINGER unleash a ray-blast, far in the distance.



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