Mindmistress: So...the Editor's really dead?  Scale: Seems to be.  :I almost was, too... Mindmistress: I've seen too many slasher movies---I keep expecting him to...rise up...attack again...and again...Mindmistress: Since that feline fighter, Catnap, snatched the Editor's body through that dimensional portal---to 'prevent desecration'-- this illusion'll demoralize the Overlords' forces.  Scale: He's dead. Dead.  I hope...he's dead.

Scale: We're not lying---quite a few saw the Editor's dead body---but others who didn't might not believe---without that illusion.  Mindmistress: I wish--we could examine the Editor's body.Mindmistress: Tell me, Scale--what's that--symbol--up i the sky?  Scale: Symbol? Oh, that--who knows?  We picked this as a reality the Overlords have no power in-- we didn't-- explore.

Mindmistress: I wonder if that's native to this reality or just visiting--like ourselves.  Scale: Can't say.  There are a lot of losses on the field--I'll speculate--later.  Mindmistress: Of course.

Included in this strip are two guest-stars: Scale of CAMEOCOMIC, and the image of the (dead?) Editor of EVIL OVERLORDS UNITED.



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