Mindmistress: Sorry I was so spooked earlier...it's difficult...when the rules keep...changing.  Scale: That's okay...judging by the way you stopped that huge thing from stepping on us...you manage.Mysterious voice: She suspects.  She's too intleligent not to suspect.  Yet she played a key role in thwarting the Editor's schemes...she is one of the ones I have to have...for the Gathering.

Mysterious voice: Others on the battlefield-- Lightbringer, who currently has the closest ties with my enemy---and the beautiful Dasien, perhaps the strongest of them all--they could be extremely useful.Mysterious voice: This one---the youngest---most innocent--a naive 13-year-old idealist in extraterrestrial armor---she thinks the Final Battle is a grand adventure---she might be-- targeted.

Mysterious voice: These four helped stop the Editor--before my enemy could finish an alliance with the Overlords---making both---invincible.  Four possible 'core' teammates--for a larger cross-continuum assault squad.Mysterious voice: With their help, I may stop the enemy---even--maybe--stop their ridiculous melodramatic monologues.  I've got to stop talking to myself--Argh! I'm doing it again---stop that!

Included in this strip are quite a few guest-stars: Scale of CAMEOCOMIC, and the image of the (dead?) Editor of EVIL OVERLORDS UNITED....LIGHTBRINGER, DASIEN, and Mechagical Girl Lisa A.N.T..



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