The Enemy: Observe: so very close--yet no matter how many worlds you conquer, there's always more.  I'll miss the Editor.  If we'd sealed the deal--- wed've sealed their fate.The Editor: Another casaulty---in a reality with his symbol gleaming above---another loved one to mourn after---another heart--trampled.  How typical.  How--hauntingly familiar.  Another: Why? Enemy: She's not the first.

Enemy: Dr. Catastrophe-- now there's a loss.  --Like myself-- he sampled the technology of a thousand realities-- I would have liked to have compared notes--and weapons.  Fellback disappeared also--The Enemy: So ends the Crossover Wars.  So fall natural allies worth negotiating with.  Wonder if the Editor discovered an Overlord agent--was my double agent.  The thought makes

Included in this strip are a few guest-stars: The image of the (dead?) Editor of EVIL OVERLORDS UNITED, along with Dr. Catastrophe and Fellback of the same.



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