Customer: So, Theo...where do you live?  Theo: A small Florida community called Mindmist near the Everglades.  Just a small dirt road off a major highway...going over marshy, misty hills.Theo: Over the hills---past two gates---the Civic Center's--- Customer: Let me guess...a gas pump and a trailer park?  Theo: Hah! No...a little more elaborate...Nature and technology-- interlaced.

Theo: We're creative types, mostly--columnists, artists, speechwriters---but our bread and butter?  Many companies outsource tech support to us.  Remote web design--firewalls--software developement... Customer: Could I visit someday?  Theo: I'm afraid not--Theo: We're a rather--exclusive--community.  Great chatting with you, though.  Looks like your firewall's fixed---try it now.  Customer: Yes!  It's working! Theo: Great!  Thanks for using Mindmist Technical Support.



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