Eric: Theo, you're a showoff.  Tying with your feet--- Theo: Guilty.  Look, I'm bushed.  Tomorrow's delivery day-- Sol: With Lorelei?  Theo: Yeah, and Perry.  I'm gone.  I'm sick of dealing iwth brain-dead, computer-illiterate customers.Theo: Coors and wide.  Nirvana.  TV: We're here in Chicago to find the Next American-- Paul: What's on, Dad?  Theo: American Idol, Paul.  How's school?  Paul: Wish Simon Cowell'd judge my sign language teacher--

Theo (Caption): Got Paul to bed...I think this whitening toothpaste really works. Uh-oh.  The owl's rising...fot fifteen minutes to get ready-- fifteen minutes before the change.Theo (Caption): Okay...combination lock keeping both Paul and I in our respective bedrooms... I hate these rubber sheets, but they're easier to clean...I hate this nightly ritual too...still...

Theo (Caption): How did our---patroness--put it--?  'This process has a drawback--if you---or I--don't change back in two weeks--we die--inevitably, painfully-- of malignant brain tumors.

Theo (Caption): 'So I've arranged--every night in Mindmist you'll sleep--unenhanced.



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