Theo (Caption): Four more and telecommunications Lorelei: What's going on? Perry: Lorelei... Lorelei: Stop, Theo!  Theo (Capton): It was almost sunset.  We were returning, approaching Mindmist's only 'suburb' when...Lorelei: Sir? Why are y'beatin' that poor man?  Young: Because I'm Karl Young!  Lorelei: Uh...who?  Young: You never followed wrestling, did you? Lorelei: Not really... Young: I used to be a *hic* household word...

Young: Anyway...this s.o.b. owes me money...he tried to run far and fast...but not far enough. Lorelei: You're drunk. Young: Yep. And you're nice-looking.  Theo (Caption): Okay. That's enough of that.Young: What? Eeyaahhh!! Theo (Caption): A former wrestler.  A skilled fighter. True, he's drunk...freaking...only human...but I better not underestimate him. Young: Shoo!! Shoo!! Get off me!  Theo (Capton): 'Shoo'?  Don't. Threaten. Lorelei.



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