Lorelei: Thanks, Mr. Foote. Never been t'a pharma...pharma...drug warehouse 'fore.  Foote: You're from...Mindmist?  Lorelei: I don't live there...but I work with those who do a lot.  Why?Foote: This is the shell of a tortoise I accidentally killed-- months ago--near the Mindmist exit. Lorelei: Awwwww... Foote: The odd thing is...I think she was a suicide.  A martyr.

Foote (Caption): I was driving late at night--and a huge tortoise was in the middle of the road.  I couldn't stop in time. I got out afterward, inspecting the damage--Foote (Captioin): Three tortoise hatchlings were crossing--their mother sacrificing herself for their safety---unremarkable? Maybe.  Except-- Lorelei (Caption): Tortoises watch eggs--never care f'hatchlings.  Foote (Caption): Exactly, Lorelei.  Defying ingrained instincts--she chose self-sacrifice.



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