Lorelei: Here y'go, Mister Nissen... Nissen: Always to see you here at Nissen's lumber yard, Miss Lyons--Mindmist township is one of my best customers.  Lots of construction there--?Lorelei: Somethin' wrong?  Nissen: Just Theo...he's...ahh...'reminding' me that we've only loaded three-fourths of what Mindmist paid for.  A simple mistake.  Could've happened to anyone.  Theo really keeps track...

Nissen: I wish Theo and Perry would come out of the cab...I'd like to meet them face-to-face...too bad Teho's allergic to some woods... Lorelei: Yeah...too bad.  Perry: Text-threaten Nissen again.Perry: What a jerk.  Mindmist's one of the best customer's Nissen's got--but he always tries to make a killing--by shorting us.  Lorelei: He acts nice, Perry... Perry: 'Act'?  Exactly, Lorelei.



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