Shades: Judge! Glad you found me before the cops... Judge: Any sign of the silver-armored brunette that Smith fought? Shades: No! But you won't believe-- Judge: Later. My son?  Shades: Roger got in unnoticed, sir..The things I do--the places I go--for Dad.  An insane asylum trying to decipher the ravings of a madwoman--embezzlers and kidnappers in jail--mosquitoes.  I hate mosquitoes.

Roger: Now--trespassing on a wildlife sanctuary-- to steal a glimpse of a mysterious town--which might-- be connected to this 'Mindmistress'-- I hope this doesn't come back to bite me...Roger: Aayehh!! Aayehh!! AAyahhh!! Judge (Caption) So they didn't suspect you weren't alone?  Shades (Caption): No, sir, but Judge-- Judge (Caption): Roger'll be fine.  Most animals--even alligators--don't confront humans unless provoked.  Shades (Caption): --Most normal animals--but Judge--



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