Perry (Caption): As the neoboar charged, Theo smiled--but chimps smiling--baring their teeth---denotes fear--or rage. Theo later confessed he felt both--holding aloft the sharp end of the branch.Perry (Caption): Leaping over the charging neoboar--Theo spears him--with all his considerable strength.  The neoboar would've avoided a head-on stabbing--but not avoid the chimpanzee's agility...grasping of weapons.

Lorelei: Wait--I know chimps hunt---and eat---wild pigs. Theo you didn't--- Perry: Relax, Lorelei.  Yeah, if he'd been a normal pig--it'd be suppertime--but--in this case--Perry (Caption): --We contacted Opal, the ethics tutor for Theo's son, Paul--we buried the neoboar--as Opal said a few words. Opal: May this newly awakened soul discover the peace which eluded--

Opal: ---Him in life.  Perry (Caption): Opal still sounds like Katherine Hepburn.  It's hilarious seeing her stick her trunk in her mouth to do it---like a kid whistling through his fingers.



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