Lorelei: Weren't you scared, Theo? Perry: Of one lone human armed with a bat? No chance.  He had a much closer call last week... Lorelei: Against what? Perry: Well...we don't want to bore you....Perry (Caption): ...But a wild...boar.  Perry: Theo! Look out! Run!! Perry: Theo was clearing some land when the boar came out--a wild neoboar, who had been exposed to the Lyons-Burns effect.

Pigs (and boars) are very intelligent---but even with its intelligence increased twelvefold, it lacked the education--culture--orientation--the patroness gave us.  Human-hunted, it charged a similar animal--Theo.Perry: Quick, Theo! Climb up that tree--or not--I think you've been eating too many bananas, figs, and termites---you--Boar--Theo's not a human--try to understand me--



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