Perry: Here, Theo, let me help... Shades: No! Can't see-- Theo (Caption): Ahhh. So...Lorelei won't have to change to the patroness to wipe his mind of events.  This one won't talk.Lorelei: So...y'were one of Smith's men--th'blind men who could only see--with those special glasses? Perry: Leave one arm free...

Shades: Is that--the chimp--driving next to me? Lorelei:  Why not? We get so nervous when the parrot drives..*giggle* Perry: This back road'll do...miles from Mindmist. Shades: glasses...please...Shades: Great. They know if I tell what I saw, someone'll check my history--a blind eyewitness? Credibility: Zip. I can't risk losing the glasses--what'll the Judge say...?



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