Shades: Now, Blondie--let's discuss...Mindmist. Lorelei: No! Don't--! Theo (Caption): Humans. So arrogant. So conceited.  So weak. So frail.  So quick to be cruel--to one weaker than they.  Supreme...misplaced...confidence.Shades: Yayahh!! An ape! A...gorilla? Perry: A chimpanzee, actually.  Gorillas are much bigger...and about twenty times stronger than humans. Chimpanzees are only about seven to ten times stronger.  Shades: Only??

Shades: Owww!! He just...snatched that bat out of my hands...almost ripped my arm off-- Lorelei: Theo! Careful! ?You'll hurt him bad! Theo (Caption): What a whinter. Miserable coward.  Shades: He'  Most chimps y'see in movies'n'TV's only half-grown...'cause when they grow up they're so strong they could accidentally hurt people they work with! Shades: *Whimper* Theo: Pitiful. Truly pitiful.



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