Perry: Awww...we didn't even get out of Mindmist city limits-- Lorelei: What's that flashing thingee? Perry: Some idiot's breached the outside fence and set off the perimeter alarm... Lorelei: Probably just...neoraccoons.Perry: No such luck--the electrified fence's been deactivated and cut--by Shades there. Afraid you'll have to confront him, , Lorelei.    Lorelei: M-me? Perry: No worries. Theo'll be watching. Nothing'll happen. Lorelei: P-Promise?

Lorelei: Uh...Mister? This's private property...'fraid I'll haveta ask y'ta leave... Shades: ?You're afraid, blondie? Well, I'm 'afraid' I used to work for 'Miracle' Smith...saw miracles performed.Shades: --And I intend to see if there's anything miraculous--left.  Lorelei: L-look, I don't want trouble, Mister-- Shades: Oddly enough, that's what you've found... Lorelei: I-I'm not alone... Shades: I'm shaking. Really.

Shades: You in the cab!  Come out now--before I rearrange Blodie's face.  You'd be surprised at the damage a simple aluminum baseball bat will do... Lorelei: Uh...speaking of surprises...



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