Lorelei: Gee, Theo--I wish I unnderstood y'r signin'---but I just can't.  Perry: No problem, Lorelei-lady. That's what I'm here for.  Lorelei: Good...like I'm here t'sign for stuff.Perry:  We appreciate this, Lorelei--it's not like we can sign for supplies. Lorelei: S'okay...too bad we'll have t'roll the windows up---but their 'one-way mirror-ness''ll hide you.

Lorelei: *Sigh* Theo--y'know it drives me batty when y'drive with one--foot. Perry: Should he use both feet, he asks? Lorelei: No! Both hands!  Perry: Boy--you're no fun. Perry:  Look, you want to drive, Lorelei?  Lorelei: I-I can't, Perry...never passed th'written test...and a truck? No way!  Perry: Hey, Theo doesn't let lack of a license stop him...



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