Theo: Well I'll see you later, pretty lady.  Time for my bi-weekly supply run. Frieda:  Take care, Theo.  I worry about thee trips-- Theo: Not to worry.  Lorelei and Perry will--Perry:  My ears--hidden though they may be---are burning. Frieda. Theo.  On the road again...Theo: {erry. Enjoying the Bluetooth? Perry: Enjoying it..? Frieda: And I thought unenhanced parrots talked a lot...

Perry: With a cellphone on my chest--Bluetooth strapped to my head--the world's my oyster. Confession time, Theo. ?You give me opposible-thumb envy. Theo: Well, you give me voice envy...Lorelei: Hey, Theo--Perry-- Perry: And that--gives me teleportation envy.  Hi, Lorelei!  Lorelei: Atlanta to Florida--in just a few steps-- by catwalk.  Here's your-- Perry: Token human? --And-- signer for consignments.



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