Frieda: Dylan Steed-- who created a smaller sanctuary for experimental, circus, and media animals-- there's Angelica--and you-- when young.   You were a cute baby-- what happened?  Theo: Very funny.Frieda: When Steed turned to undersea pursuits-- our patroness requested the animals-- exposed us to the Lyons-Burns effect-- like herself-- drawing up plans for--a place to call our own.

Freida: A man named Smith abandoned his Florida facilities-- his successor --owed--our patroness.  Together, we cleared the land-- neoelephants doing heavy lifting-- neoelephants doing heavy lifting-- neochimps, with opposable thumbs, doing detail work.Freida: Hello, Theo! Theo: Hey, pretty lady! Freida: Skpping town? Theo: Hey, your art supplies are part of what I'm picking up, Freida! Freida: Just kidding.  Let me show you my new mural...showing Mindmist's beginnings.



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