Sol: Should we just hide the body, Gus?  Bury it--feign ignorance-- Gus: Not while I'm alpha male/major, Sol.  If discovered later-- we'd be hunted--exterminated.  Ricky: That neoalligator's the key.

Polly: Exactly right, Ricky. Gus: Polly?  Polly: 'We' present that neoalligator's body to the authorities--the victim's remains still in it--nobody'll question us.  Gus: Who'll be the neoalligator hunter? Maddie: Your son? Theo killed that neoboar, Gus.Maddie: Well. Thanks for two things.  First autopsy of a human I've done--and maybe Theo'll be killed. Which is why I suggested him. I want all of Gus' love.



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