Judge (caption): The town of Mindmist suggests her in many ways--satellite photos show a normal Florida town--but pictures taken with a long-range telephoto lens--show something entirely different.

Judge (Caption): You cannot fake satellite pictures without ribing a huge number of people--or altering it at the source---which, presumably, the computer-eneity you witnessed serving her could do.Judge (Caption): My son, Roger, visited an insane asylum--jotting down at length the ravings of a madwoman-- Lyons: Anansi Webb. Judge (Caption): Who we suspect was a victim of our target---your 'Mindmisress'.

Judge (Caption): A bank president convicted of embezzlement, spoke ofher to his court-appointed psychiatrist...one of your kidnappers described her--and Rusty Minton's emailing that Vicki entity. Lyons: Mindmistress's elusive--not undetectable.



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