Morrison: Sir...who is this 'judge'? Lyons: An old friend.  Minton O'Day became a powerful district attorney--and then an accomplished jurist.  The press dubbed him--'Judgement Day'.  Morrison: Him? But he's.. Lyons: Notorious?Lyons (caption): And brilliant. Reknowned for his swift--and severe--judicial decisions--his encyclopedic knowledge of law, especially the rules of evidence.  Judge: Mr. Johns, I cannot grant your clemency motion because--

Lyons (Caption): So when a news photographer caught him accepint a bribe--the media and the courts--showed him the same lack of mercy he showed others.  Headline: Judgement Day Faces His Own.Lyons (Caption): His background, though, made him ideal to lead my investigative unit-- Lyons: I have a very special project in mind for you-- Judge: Tell me more... Lyons: It'll seem pretty unbelievable...



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