Shades: No word from Roger...Judge, it's been hours... Judge: My son's extremely capable--but I'm worried too. Shades: What can we do? Judge: Do? Check on our prisoner--interrogate him--and hope.Shades: This retirement village's so boring-- Judge: Don't know it.  Haydensville makes an excellent base of operations...Hayden's an old friend... if our captive screams-- most'll think their hearing aids defective.

Judge: Ahhh, Mr. Delouise. Ready to talk?  Dean Delouise: My Ipod?  Judge: Confiscated, I'm afraid.  Too valuable.  I'm more interested in what secrets Mindmistress told you. Delouise: Well...dark matter or wave-particle duality explanations.Judge: No!! Who is she? Where's she live? What do you know about her? Talk!!  Delouise: Ow!! Don't know--posed as some lawyer--but--she said it wasn't her real name--



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