Theo (Caption): So here I am back in Mindmist...others will unload the truck.  I'm bushed. Stiff. Been driving practically all day... Lorelei: Theo? My ride's appearing--gotta go. See y'later...Bye, Theo...I always enjoy visitin' Mindmist.  Seeya in two weeks.  Theo (Caption): We always enjoy you here too, Lorelei.  Not just your other self. You. Innocent--and loving--and accepting--

Perry: Uh-oh. Gus's texting. Theo (Caption): My esteemed father. Alpha male among alpha males.  But he only notices his son when he needs something.  When he calls--it's always bad news. Always.Perry: A human--dead? I'm rejoining my flock--they might destroy Mindmist! Theo (Caption): Will we always be terrified of humanity?  Always moving--hiding?  And what does Gus want from me?



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