Maddie: Shame this human eluded your notice... Theo: ...It's suicide. Gus: It's the only way we can avoid humans invading our town...think of your son. Theo: Why? You're not thinking of yours.Theo: Stupid, stupid, stupid. The sun's going down--we're hunting for a bull man-earting neogator--I'm dead tired... Freind: ?Yeah, but we have to catch him as soon as possible...

Friend: While the 'evidence' still remains in the neogator's stomach. Theo: He has to be in this area--the preserve's marshy areas--but he's wily--cunning--I've a rifle--but I also bought that trespassing human's aluminum baseball bat.Theo: My rifle--!! Friend: Theo! Move!! So we can get a clear shot at the neogator! Theo (Caption): An ordinary alligator wouldn't know enough to separate me from my rifle--but this one--?



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