Theo (Caption): It flung the rifle away--contemptuously. I grabbed that baseball bat I took from the human--my only remaining weapon. I dared not turn my back to the neogator.Theo (Caption): I swng with all my---considerable--strength.  But alligator hide is extremely tough. I swung again--again--and again. Succumbing to my bestial nature? Not even close.

Theo (Caption): I was fighting for my town.  My home. My son. My mother.  Even--my unfeeling father.  I was in a frenzy...fighting for everything that made me--that made Mindmist--civilized.Friend: Theo--it's finished. It's just a--bloody corpse now.  Friend2: I'll shoot it--just in case.  Theo (Caption): I was too exhausted to reply.  It'd been a loooong day.



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