Theo: Mom? Where--? Angelica: Hi, darling. They brought you home--I put you to bed--Paul's been-- Theo: --a handful. Paul: Did you really kill an alligator with a baseball bat? Theo: Stupid, right?Paul: You kidding? Wait'll I tell the kids at school! Angelica: You've slept for four hours. Paul wanted to talk with you before he went to bed...Theo: Change' in an...hour...

Angelica: We'll let your father sleep, darling. Paul: You want to play on my Wii, Grandma Angelica. Angelica: Not now. We need to be alseep when the change hits... Theo (Caption): What. A. Day.Mayor Gus: Doctor--Theo and I will meet you and Sheriff Backus at the first fence tomorrow morning. You'll need to convey the body to Haydensville.  MindmistDoc: My sister's coming, too. Mayor Gus: Fine.



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