Theo (Caption): Dead tired...mind shortly after the...change. ...To...Magilla. Magilla: Now that you've mastered the alphabet...a few words...try these children's books. Dr. Seuss. Curious George. Barbar the elephant...Theo (Caption): TV shows and movies we watched were spliced with subliminals--by Vicki-- Theo: That guy became president?? Friend: Which one? Theo (Caption): --Reinforcing--supplementing--expanding--what we conscioiusly learned.

Theo (Caption): One day, Mindmistress paid me a visit--while I was drinking my daily memory-enancing, RNA-fortified milkshake.  Mindmistress: Theo?  How's it going?  It's not overwhelming--is it?  Theo: No. So much makes sense--now.Mindmistress: Magilla a good teacher? Treating you okay? Theo: Sure! Vicki's great, too--but--why--? Mindmistress: My Mom--testing the effect that changes both of us--accidentally killed some chimps. That's why.



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