Paul: Dad?  Get up!  Grandpa Gus needs to see you... Theo (Caption): Great.  Paul: Grandma Angelica says she can watch over me today... Theo (Caption): I never, ever thought I'd miss Tech Support, but....Theo : But it's Sunday! Day of Rest... Gus: The Doctor'll be taking the bodies in to Daydensville. He just has a question or two about the alligator's demise...well done, Theo.  Really.

Doctor: Thanks, Theo.  Those details will help if I'm questioned about how we got the neogator. Hunter: Killing an enemy with nothing but an aluminum bat-- Sheriff Backus: Brrr. Rather you than me.Huntress: Theo--I'e hunted animals all over the world--and to bag a gator like that takes real guts. Sheiff Backus: Or stupidity.  Doctor: Shut up, Backus. Gus--Theo--we'll be back soon.



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