Doctor Archer: Thanks for wishing us good luck, Theo.  Although unfortunate--these things happen.  Sheiff Backus: Yeah....but why were those clowns trying to get into Mindmist? Cynthia Archer: It's like we're being...stalked.Gus: The doctor won't let us down. Theo: How can you trust that guy? After all he put you through... Gus: Guilt's a great motivator. Gus: So's pain. he certainly specialized in that..

Gus (Caption): Well, Dr. Ray Archer's come a long way... Dr. Archer: Eas, Gus--this won't hurt--don't bite... Gus (Caption): Facing a strapped-down lab animal he was using in his research...Gus (Caption): Of course, frightened, I did bite. So... Dr. Archer: There. That's the last tooth...Gus won't be biting anyone else at this lab... Gus (Caption): I wish I could say the anesthetic...worked.

Gus: That's the paradox: they want to test chimps--because chimps are like humans. Ignoring our terror, our pain--because chimps aren't like humans.  Theo: They should make up their minds--



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