Gus (Caption): Then there's his sister--Cynthia Archer.  She considered herself a humane hunter.  Capturing animals for zoos--circuses--or labs like her brother's. Like she captured--me. Cynthia: A good haul.Gus (Caption): I remember watching her...wondering when I'd be eaten. Chimps eat termites--even hunt colobus monkeys...the idea I wouldn't be eaten--was unthinkable. Cynthia: I'll name that one...Gus.

Gus (Caption): Dozen of species--she justified it to heserlf--telling herself she was protecting--preserving--the species she hunted, captured, and shipped to America and Europe. Cynthia: Steady...steady...Gus (Caption): I looked at my home for the last time---soon to cross the sea--soon to be tortured by sadists following the scientific method-- Cynthia: It'll be okay, Gus... Gus (Caption): Liar.



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