Gus: ...And then there's Sheriff Vinnie Backus.  Theo: Yes.  He makes me feel so much safer...not.  If it weren't for Mindmist.  He'd be unemployed by now...perhaps homeless...perhaps dead.Gus (Caption): Yes.  Vinnie Backus had a problem. A pretty simple one.  He never met a liquor bottle he didn't like.  A bad combination-- when you're an up and coming deputy.

Gus (Caption): One day, the final straw-- Backus: Hey! Leave those an'mals 'lone! This' an amb--animul--an'mal preserve!  Jerk: Hey---I knew justice was blind--just not blind stinking drunk!  Haw! Haw!Gus (Caption): A sound behind him...Backus turns and fires... Chimp: Eyyi-yi-yi-yi!!! Punk: Scram! Now!  Backus: Aw, cripes...I didn't want t'hurt no monkey... Gus (Caption): The chimpanzee died that night. ....As did Backus' career.



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