Gus (Caption): Backus' Aunt, Demi, found him a security guard position for... Dr. Archer: ...Archer labs will have to...shut down.  Cynthia Archer: ...Those stupid animal rights fanatics. Backus: Hey, Doc...a Dr. Minerva Daniels outside.Dr. Archer: --And she wants--? Backus: Says she has a business offer for us--and after that animal rights group picketing us...that TV-news sotry--I don't think we can be choosy.

MM: Dr. Archer?  Ah'm Dr. Daniels... Dr. Archer: The Minerva Daniels?'re so young...MM: Everybody is...once. Ah've a proposition. A Doctor's needed..your remaining associates'd be useful... Dr. Archer: How? MM: Well... MM: Ah'm starting a gated community in Florida--for individuals changed by a--special treatment.  Dr. Archer: Special---? How...? MM: Ah'm prepared to offer you deeds to houses--a generous salary--t'assist them.
Dr. Archer: Sounds too good to be sister too? Hunting's getting too...regulated.  MM: Your sister, Cynthia...your botanist/toxicologist Demi...and her nephew--are all included. Come with me.MM: First--meet an old--acquaintance--of yours. Dr. Archer: A chimp--? This's a trap! You're one of those animal rights nuts. MM: Look closely.  Remember--Gus?  You extracted his teech... Dr. Archer: He's...writing?

DR. Archer: This--this must be a trick-- MM: Nope. 'Special treatment', remember? Ah've brought them up to human-level intelligence--they need help--human help--to live in peace.Dr. Archer: Why--us--?  MM: owe 'em.  --And with all the publicity 'bout your decades of animal testin'--you're goin' bankrupt. Dr. Archer: We've--no choice. MM: See? You are a bright man.



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