Hayden: Dr. Archer?  Meet Judge O'Day--the deceased's father.  Dr. Archer: I'm so sorry, sir... Judge: Roger always was headstrong...while we were visiting Mr. Hayden here--he couldn't resist investigating your sanctuary.Judge: He loved animal sanctuaries--but his curiosity killed him.  Dr. Archer: Here's the autopsy results--curiosity?  Judge: Yes. By the way, Dr. Archer--wasn't your lab cited--for acts of animal cruelty?

Dr. Archer: Charges were dismissed-- Judge: Ah, yes...excused in research's cause...Roger grew intrigued...had a local judge draw up these warrants--we'll expect a dozen chimps--within five days. Dr. Archer: What?? Why--?Judge: Expert examination.  --Determining if they've been abused. One month under our care.  Dr. Archer: It's absurd-- Judge: Five days, Doctor.  Now, if you'll excuse me..I...have to busy...my boy.



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