Judge: So you say this one looks like the chimp that attacked you?  Shades: ?Yep. 'Cept he had golden fur--and light green eyes.  Judge: Hum. A side-effect, perhaps, of whatever process transforming them--?Shades: 'Course this chimp was driving a truck-- Judge: It would be really interesting if this was the same chimp--according to the manifest, his name's Theo--a former movie performer.

Shades: Theo!! That was what the blonde--the parrot called him! Judge: Excellent. Oh. Iris. Iris O'Day: Daddy--Roger's dead--my brother--your son--why'd you insist I must stay after the funeral--Iris: Soehow helping you-- Judge: Iris---slow down.  I can't follow your signing as fast as I used to--believe me--your primate research expertise--even signing--will be invaluable.



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