Judge: Here you are, Doctor. Those chimps'll be returned in a month's time...if they haven't been...midtreated.  Doctor: We've photos recording their condition now.  They better be returned...unharmed.  Judge: Naturally.Judge: Santimonious scientific ex-sadist...Iris!! Be careful!!  Iris: These chimipanzees are in excellent condition--fur shampooed--teeth cleaned--no cavities--if anything, these chimpanzees were pampered.  Talking, not signing.  Happy now?

Iris: No obvious marks of abuse or mistreatement... Judge: Good. But I want you to check their hair follicles---their retinas--and their brainwave patterns--for anything...unusual.  Iris: Like what, Daddy?Judge:  I don't want to prejudice your viewpoint.  See if you see anything--out of the ordinary.  Iris: Well, they should be fine toniight---comfortable as any chimps in human captivity.



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