Judge: Sapphire, how's our prize--prisoner--good...heavens... Voice: Let me leave!!  SapphireL Impressive, isn't he?  I've studied his kind all my life---yet to have one talk back to you--Sapphire: --React to you--even threaten you--it's fascinating. Voice: I'm not a lab rat---no matter how big a maze you build for me!! Judge: Those restraints--bars--are they enough?

Voice: I'll kill you! Stomp you flat!! Sapphire: I think so. The current helps... Voice: ARGGHH!!!  Judge: Yes. I see that.  If--my quarry can turn this...brute...into something...almost...human...Voice: Brute?? Come in with me, little thing--and you'll see how brutish I can be!! Judge:  --Imagine what this would do to humans.  What it's done to...Mindmistress.  Sapphire: Who? Judge: Who, indeed.



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