Judge: Good.  According to one of Bloodlust's henchmen-- Mindmistress' illusions can't fool cameras. This deliberately offline monitoring system covers this entire building-- if Mindmistress 'visits'--the tapes'll tell the tale.Judge: Hayden, I really appreciate your aid--the use of your facilities--could you help me--one more time?  Hayden: Of course!  Judge: I hired a police sketch artist--who interviewed the few witnesses--

Judge: --And tried to reconstruct my quarry's face--minus rather--unique--headgear.  Ever seen her? Hayden: Hairstyle's different--so's hair color--but---might be--that Lorelei woman.  Judge: Lorelei? Hayden: --Comes from Mindmist--Hayden: Cute blonde...signs for a lot of Mindmist's supplies--she acts like she might be-- Judge: ?Yes? Hayden: --Mentally disadvantaged. Judge: Really?  Stereotypical 'dumb blonde', or-- Hayden: No!  As in--mentally challenged.  Judge: Good actress, then.



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