Judge: Did he give you any trouble?  Any resistance?  Iris: No. Theo was very...docile. Daddy, it'd help if I knew what you wanted the EEG to measure... Judge: Not yet, Iris.Iris: The EEG readings seem perfectly normal... Judge: You sure?  There's nothing unusual?  Surely it left some trace... Iris: Slow down, Daddy.  It's hard to lip-read you talking that fast... 'it' what?

Iris: Was Theo ever taught sign language? Judge: Nothing in his records indicates such training... Iris: He never signs back---but sometimes--when I sign-- he looks like he's tryhing to--remember.Iris: He looks--puzzled--when I sign--like he's trying to capture a memory that's eluding him...like a long-forgotten dream... Judge: When your tests are done...I've something to tell you.



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