Cindy: Okay...where is she?  How much longer do we have to wait by the stream just behind 'Judgement Day''s institute? Perry: Till---ah!  Hard to believe she was Lorelei three days ago...Perry: She sees us...she's ready for action...if 'Judgement Day' has researched her usual methods--she'll just have to act--unusually.  Which is where we come in.  Mindmisters stick together--against the world.

Mindmistress: Okay, neoparrots--Plan Hitchcock.  Search for cameras to block-- Perry: --And ways to get in-- we won't let you down, MM. Mindmistress: I know you won't, Perry...but be careful. Perry: Word.Mindmistress: Keep that camera blocked, Cindy-- give the flock time to 'scope out the facility--remember, the Judge has twelve hostages--to harm.  Cindy: Alright, Mr. Demille---I'm ready for my close-up.



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