Mindmistress: Look for air ducts--try not to be too obvious-- Parrot1: Yes, mother. Parrot2: 'Too' obvious? Sheesh! Prrot3: Give a lady a 700-plus IQ--suddenly she thinks she's smarter than you--Parrot: Perry?  We opened an air duct... Perry: That's Ninja Perry's cue... Mindmistress: Less talk...more action!  Perry: Cripes, I liked Lorelei better-- she laughed at my jokes... Mindmistress: Well...she is mentally challenged... Perry: Har-de-har-har.

Vicki: Hey, Perry... Perry: Vicki? That you?  Vicki:  Yeah.  The boss doesn't trust normal communication--but the Judge can't intercept me. No image though--just in case.  Perry: A light's up ahead...Perry: Jackpot. Poor Theo.  It's so strange to see him treated as an--animal.  Vicki: Uh...Perry... Perry: You know what I mean... Iris O'Day: Now, I know you don't comprehend--but this test will measure your reflexes--



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