Perry: So Theo--the other chimps--are caged, prodded, experimented on..but unharmed.  No neoelephant. Then I found that poor human tortured-- Mindmistress: Excellent reconnaisance, Perry. Return to Mindmist--strategy session.Mindmistress: Vicki--you never tried to trace Dean Delouise after he disappeared, right?  Vicki: Right. Mindmistress: Perry's description of the totured human sounds like Deloiuise...which would make the Judge more...deadly.

Gus: So..Theo and the others're unharmed...except they're caged beasts. Diane: Easy Gus... Mindmistress: Diane's right. Her son Perry's scouting gave us their laout--now we'll work on a rescue lan.Gus: If Theo's harmed--I couldn't live with the guilt---I'd kill myself.  Diane: Whoa.  You haven't been father of the year up to now, y'know.  Mindmistress: We'll save them--and Terry--and Delouise.

Gus: You don't understand--I spent years being experimented with in labs--yes, I talked him into it--but now-- thinking of Theo--caged, helpless--like I was.Gus: Hearing this 'Judge' is torturing one of his own kind--what mercy can Theo expect?  ---And I sent him there!  The built's overwhelming. Humans're offense.  Mindmistress: None taken...I think.



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