Shades (Caption): Judge--where's your daugther staying?  Judge (Caption): Mr. Hayden provided her with her own cottage--and she has her own car.  The Primate Institute she works for gave her a month off.Mindmistress: April O'Day--I'm the one your father's searching for.  You cannot move--unless I allow it.  You won't be harmed-- you won't even remember this--but you'll tell me-- everything.

Mindmistress: ...Unfortunately, you know...very little. Iris: Daddy wanted me to examine the clue direction...just said they're part of his investigation...that killed Roger.Mindmistress: Your brother died trespassing---at your father's request. I can use you, though---to free some innocent persons--from captivity.  Follow my instructions very carefully...and then---forget.



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