Man!: Whoa! Check it out... Man2: New talent.  Iris: Bourbon on the rocks. Bartender: Tough day?  Iris: Long day.  Too long.  Got home--showered to get the smell of monkey fur off--then realized--Iris: --I couldn't even remember coming in the door. If I was that zone out--I needed a drink. Sheriff Backus: Mind if I sit here? Hello? Silence gives consent... Bartender: Hi, Sheriff!

Iris: Oh.  Hi. Didn't see you... Sheriff: Or hear me, either. Not surprising in this place...most popular bar in three counties.  Gets pretty noise--sometimes.  Iris: Oh? It doesn't bother me...Iris:...I'm deaf.  I'm lip-reading. Backus: Oh?  I know signing... Iris: I'm fine.  Iris O'Day, primatologist--visiting Haydenville. Backus: Vinnie Backus, Mindmist's sheriff--O'Day? The Judge's daughter?  Iris: Right. Backus: Sorry about your brother... Iris: Me too.



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