Sheriff Backus: So you study...monkeys?  Iris: Primates. Like those chimps from Mindmist--they're in terrific condition.  Congrats. It's funny...I used to resent chimps.  Sheriff: Huh. Why? Iris: It's a long story... Sheriff: I've got time...Iris (Caption): We were kids, in a country club pool...Roger was playing with another boy.... Kid: Hey, what's your Mom and sister doin'? Roger: Signin'.  Kid: Huh? Roger: My sister, Iris's deaf. Kid: Signing, huh?

Kid: Signin'.  Like they teach chimps. Iris (Caption): Signing chimps loike Washoe and Nim Chimsky were in the news.  Roger said you had to hear the kid's voice. Sneering.  Insulting. Implying. Comparing.Mom O'Day: Roger? Roger!! Stop!!! Roger: Insult my sister, huh?  Nobody does that...but me!!  Kid: Hey! *Blub* Stop!! *Glub* Iris (Caption): Roger became my hero--but I hated chimps--because some



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